ASCENT ELM screenshotEvery general counsel, managing partner, corporate attorney, administrator, claims manager, or compliance manager has a favorite analytic report they use to help them direct the company forward or make better decisions. These might be more frequent “Real-Time” financial or work-flow reports to stay on top of what’s happening NOW or “Trend-Based” reports to mine historical data to strategically manage operations or risk.

No matter what reports you use, they are “divining rods” for your decision-making efforts. Every executive has analytics they must read in order to make the informed decisions that propel their business forward. It gives them the reasoning and support required to push in that direction. This is the report we want to hear more about from everyone.

What is your favorite ELM analytic report that’s most valuable to you when overcoming daily challenges, monitoring “pet peeves,” or strategic metrics to align your department’s efforts with the Board’s goals? Share your favorite reports with the readers and let us know why you depend on these to make the tough decisions. “Practice area-specific” (IP, Litigation, Employment, etc.) or general (Blended Rate) submissions are all welcome. Let your voice be heard.