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The numbers used to create this calculator use statistics and formulas based on industry-standard assumptions incorporating real-world data. Please check all numbers and figures before taking action. The purpose of this tool is to help you estimate typical results when justifying budgets. We can help build your case.

eDiscovery Budget Tool

Create an eDiscovery budget using the doeLEGAL Extreme Budgeting Tool that shows all the budget considerations you should include in your next eDiscovery case. Using a few simple-to-input numbers, you can evaluate how each change can affect the total budget for your litigation.

This worksheet take statistics and formulas that use standard assumptions based on real-world, aggregate data. Most fields are password-protected so only a few number are required to see the results. Check all numbers and figures before taking action. The purpose of this document is to help understand the typical inputs and areas of focus when planning a budget.

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