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    • Differentiated ROI values
    • Efficiency improvements
    • Real-time smart data
    • Cost reductions/time savings
    • More confident decisions
  • Walk-through of the actual software
  • Upfront, all-inclusive pricing options

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The right technology comes from understanding how you do business

As you review your option for spend and matter management software, there are important components to consider. Choosing a solution with the best technology that fits your needs means understanding the way the platform was developed and how well it will meet your needs. This should include people, process, and technology evaluations.

Choosing a system that enhances your team’s experience and knowledge with your business processes will produce better results. Let our experts explore options to meet these 4 areas:

Optimized control

– In the era of data-driven everything, your team can easily search, report, and get answers to complex questions quickly.
– Real-Time analytics and metric dashboard give you elevated control of cases, costs, and data for successful outcomes.

Enhanced configurability

– Your platform should adapt to your business and evolve with it.
– A user experience that leads to more informed legal teams making more confident decisions.

Superior security

– Your software system provider must offer you a secure hosted environment, with access to your data anywhere.
– Your host must operate a fully-compliant on-premise data center (in the EU, if applicable) with hot DR sites.

Cost predictability

– Updates and conversions happen without significant impact on your work or costs. All-inclusive pricing is a must.
– Flexible Creation and management of all AFAs to get the most savings possible.

Ultimately, a truly advanced technological solution is one that understands and adapts to the way you and your team works, expertly supporting you as it evolves.