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ELM Software Configuration –

Configure the Ascent ELM software to fit your unique needs

Flexible software configuration puts the power to adapt your ELM system in your hands

Your Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) system works better for you when it fits how you operate. Out-of-the-box ELM solutions don’t offer the unique software configuration flexibility that you get with Ascent ELM‘s Flex-System™. Personalize Ascent ELM to fit your unique processes and workflows without the expense of software customization. We provide user-friendly tools to configure it yourself or have our experts help you get it optimized quickly.

  • Easily configure workflows and processes to your unique business needs
  • Ongoing support ensures that as your business evolves, your specific configuration keeps pace
  • Eliminate expensive software customization with our user-friendly tools or expert help.

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Ascent ELM advanced technology

enterprise legal management - SmartViewInsightful Analytic Dashboards

SmartView analytic dashboards allow you to view your most critical information in one place, in a way that makes sense to you. You can compare matter, spend, and law firm data on one advanced analytics screen to make truly informed decisions.

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Outlook-Integration-Ascent-ELMResourceful Outlook® Integration

SmartLink™  connects you to the tool you use most – email. You can easily add documents, create and edit matters, and manage invoices directly from your email inbox without sacrificing the functionality and security of your business data to further streamline your life.

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flex-system configuration-Ascent ELMMindful Advanced System Configuration

Flex-System integrates Ascent ELM within your unique processes and workflows without the expense of software customization.  Out-of-the-box ELM solutions don’t offer the expert support or configuration flexibility that you get with doeLEGAL’s LegalTech software solutions.

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AFA-Wizard-Ascent-ELMPowerful Alternative Fee Arrangements

AFA Wizard ensures your AFAs are limited only by your creativity, not your ELM software.  Create and manage “value-based billing” scenarios within the ELM system to easily compare your legal spend relative to budget.

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