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The Fundamentals of Exceptional Support

contact usExceptional support is client-focused support. That means support that is designed to meet your needs, correctly and quickly, so that you can spend less time supporting your tools and more time managing your legal department.

In order to make sure you’ve found an ELM partner who has a support program focused on your success, you need to look deeper into their program’s details. Exceptional support can be broken down into these 4 areas:

 •  Personal

– Are calls answered by a live person, or sent to an automated answering system?

 •  Available

– Are support personnel domestic or international?

 •  Internal

– Are support personnel employed by the ELM provider or contracted out?

 •  Reviewable

– Is a complete support history kept to assist with future troubleshooting?


The ability to meet these 4 areas should be demonstrated throughout the entire support lifecycle, including during the Purchasing Process, Design and Implementation Phase, and Ongoing Use Phase.

Your ELM system is a keystone to how your legal department functions, so your ELM provider needs to be a partner in your success. Technical support is the place where that partnership is highlighted most often. Every legal department needs technical support from their ELM at some point.  Choosing a provider that offers support at no extra cost allows for a more predictable cost of ownership, which creates collaborative opportunities rather than calls to avoid. By choosing a software provider that commits itself to providing exceptional client-focused support, you’ll ensure that your time is spent doing what you do best: managing your legal matters.