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Elevate your legal team

Buying Legal Technology Solutions

Understanding the process drives more successful outcomes

How can Questel LegalTech Solutions experts help?

doeLEGAL, a Questel Company, applies its 50+ years of technology expertise enabling Legal teams to build a strong case to purchase the right LegalTech tools. How do we know the process works? Because clients share their positive results after using it – the proof is in the outcomes.  Our wide variety of experts helps choose, tailor, and configure the best solution to meet your unique evolving needs, work within existing business processes, and guide you to success throughout the relationship.

Leveraging true LegalTech experts makes the difference, and Questel LegalTech Solutions bring the best to the table to empower your team.


A proven process leads to success

Recent studies have shown that companies with an evaluation process in place while buying legal technology solutions have a 30% higher rate of successfully finding the best solution to fit their needs. It’s not a question of whether you should follow a planned process or not—it’s what kind of process offers the best results. The best process is iterative; it’s kept alive and adapts as it develops. This is the solution process doeLEGAL employs with each client. We guide them by showing them the steps to buying legal technology solutions.

Red-numbers-1Tell us what you need

Clients say they appreciated being heard first, not listening to sales on the first conversation. Many clients we work with have business issues related to efficiency or cost reduction initiatives, typically caused by a lack of suitable technology or challenging business processes.  We are ready to help. Pick up the phone, fill out a form, or email us. However you’re most comfortable, let us know the challenges you need to overcome and your anticipated goal or objective.  Let us understand what’s going on, and we’ll begin the process to help you achieve desired outcomes.

You want someone to listen and to help. Visit our Contact us page to begin.


Red-numbers-2Getting to know your business is key

Getting to know your business first is key to developing how best to reach your goals. By answering a few simple questions we can drill down to your primary and secondary business concerns to get to the heart of the issues you face. Once the issues are known, the ability to find working solutions takes shape. We’ll analyze what you communicate, understand how your business operates, work with your team to develop a plan, and apply our expertise to understand your unique challenges. Your unique business goals continue to drive the process.


Red-numbers-3Work with Project Experts 

Once your business issues, the workflow, and existing processes are understood – our subject matter experts (SMEs) and sales team will work with you to offer the best possible solution to meet your complex needs. This ensures all aspects of your business needs are met with one, holistic approach. Use our expertise to help your Legal team identify solutions that will offer the most impact, right where you need it most. Our team is ready to respond to questions, offer insights, and guide the project to a decision with professionalism, care, and integrity.

Buying legal technology - step #3 - work with experts

Red-numbers-4You get a detailed Plan 

Together, we’ll develop the right plan to meet and exceed your needs today and for years to come, laying out the possibilities which generate the best outcomes.  Prospective clients trust our proven track record with companies like yours to reach goals cost-effectively. You can finally rest easy knowing your needs are met with advanced solutions that work within your existing business processes. Your team deserves expert guidance when it comes to bringing in new legal technologies. The plan gives them the confidence that new technology will deliver the best cost-conscious solution results in the shortest time.

Buying legal technology - step #4 - get your detail action plan

It’s time to build your own success story!

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Discover how doeLEGAL, A Questel LegalTech Solutions company can help you reduce costs, improve efficiency, and optimize the business of law.

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