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Elevate your eDiscovery efficiency

eDiscovery Services for Litigation

eDiscovery data hosting, processing, and review with translation services 

Comprehensive eDiscovery Service that Leverages the Best Technology, Expertise, and Teamwork

Comprehensive Services

Ascent eDiscovery combines hosted eDiscovery solutions, services, and hands-on support teams need to tackle their most complex multilanguage document review projects without hidden costs. 

Upgrade Capabilities

Ascent eDiscovery empowers in-house teams to efficiently manage all project-related administrative tasks like application configuration, populating databases, and setting up end users of the Legal technology.

Focus on the Case

Highly experienced Ascent eDiscovery specialists manage the tech to free up litigation teams to focus on reviewing documents, developing case strategies, and protecting their client’s legal interests.

Minimize the Review Burden  |  Improve Review Efficiency and Accuracy  |  Reduce Litigation Costs

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Providing superior services that help clients focus on winning their case

Questel LegalTech Solutions’ brings together the leading companies in their market to help litigation teams ensure faster document processing with more accurate results. Simplifying complex litigation data and providing accurate, cost-conscious results drive success.

doeLEGAL and Morningside expertly manage the advanced technology, eDiscovery services, translations, and managed review to allow your team to practice law.

Clients have the most powerful tools available to aid their litigation:
Active Learning (AL)  |  Technology-Assisted Review (TAR)  |  Business Translation  |  Advanced Analytics

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Each Ascent eDiscovery service project is expertly managed and supported


Let our highly-experienced team of dedicated doeLEGAL technicians support your in-house team through the hosted document review process during the eDiscovery lifecycle.

dedupe-services-iconEDD Processing & Culling

Remove excess document bulk with de-duping and smart processing capabilities.

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eDiscovery-eca-iconEarly Case Assessment

 Advanced analytics and search technology ensure minimal review burdens.

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hosted-litigation-review-iconHosted Review

 Reduce the most costly litigation expense using hosted review, Active Learning, and TAR tools.

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eDiscovery-production-servicesProduction Services

Experts use best practices to guide Production and ensure Quality Control.

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Build the Foundation for Success: A Client-Driven Approach

By first understanding your goals, our experts can tailor the Ascent eDiscovery services to meet your end goals. Our eDiscovery specialists learn your business needs, your workflow, and the project parameters to drive the software and support to best fit your needs. Use our experience to help guide your in-house team:

  • eDiscovery services can be contracted individually to augment your in-house capabilities
  • doeLEGAL applies its experience to guide the project with one dedicated team of experts
  • Business data translation services are available for multilingual eDiscovery projects
  • Focus on the case while we handle the legal technology

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“doeLEGAL has the capacity to provide the same sophisticated document analysis tools as their competitors.  That’s not why we insist on using them. We insist on using doeLEGAL because of their people.  From the simplicity of eDiscovery services pricing provided upfront by their sales team to the experience and near-immediate responsiveness of their project managers, they really are the best in the business.  We know they will always deliver.”

  • Derek Kammerlocher
    Litigation Attorney, Macdonald Devin, P.C.

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Why Litigation Teams Rely on Ascent eDiscovery

ediscovery-hosting-data-centerPrivate Tier-3 Data Center Hosting

Client data is hosted in doeLEGAL’s Tier-3 data center and replicated to several backup & disaster recovery locations. Ascent eDiscovery’s network infrastructure ensures users have 24/7/365 access to the hosting platform to review documents in a secure collaborative environment.

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ediscovery-expert-supporteDiscovery Services & Support

Ascent eDiscovery specialists have supported complex eDiscovery projects for 24+ years, and doeLEGAL’s eDiscovery project managers have an average experience of 14 years with solutions like Ipro’s “discovery ][ Enterprise”, Relativity, Summation, and Concordance.

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ediscovery-pricingSimple, Transparent Pricing

Ascent eDiscovery‘s pricing model consists of three simple, transparent, and predictable fees: processing (if necessary), data hosting, and software licenses.  All other project-related services are included with hosting, so clients never need to worry about being blindsided by unexpected fees.

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patent-translation-services-iconTranslation & Managed Review

Ascent eDiscovery platform combined with foreign language translation and managed document review services makes the company a one-stop resource for complex legal matters that require multilingual documents to be hosted, translated, and reviewed.

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The real challenges were the unusually large volume of client data and their tight time deadline. However, once provided with the final search terms, the total time from initial ingestion to first production was less than five weeks. This was due in part to the advanced de-duping and culling capabilities of the Ipro tools. The client met their deadlines and within budget constraints.

Josh Brown, eDiscovery Manager at

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