doeLEGAL’s Corporate Mission:

doeLEGAL intelligently delivers real-time data analytics and reporting that high-performance legal teams require to take action and enhance business efficiency. Leading the way for legal technology innovation while remaining focused on client satisfaction is the only position doeLEGAL will occupy. We will help every client take control of their legal world through innovative technology, exceptional engagement, and provide an elevated perspective of their entire business.

“ASCENT is the innovative solution that helps our legal team make confident decisions using real-time insights delivered just as we want them.  Smart data helps us meet and exceed our goals.”

-AGC,  Fortune 500 business, ASCENT user

What does this mean to you?

  • Advanced information management tools:

Our clients receive state-of-the-art tools and technology they need for both enterprise legal management and eDiscovery managed services. The advanced information delivered through these tools offers legal teams the smart data that helps them better manage their department workflows and legal operations.

  • Elevated support:

This takes the idea of “regular” support that other vendors may provide and “elevates” it or makes it better. Our clients are supported by the same experts that were with them during the implementation and design of the system. Each client has a support leader who knows the client’s business, their hosted instance, and is aware of all current projects related to their account. They answer the phone and respond quickly.

  • Anytime, anywhere control over cases and costs:

Clients have collaborative access to their secure data from any web-enabled device allowing them full control to manage and report on any aspect of their matters, regardless of location or time zone. Answers are always at their fingertips.

  • Help inform decision making:

Data is helpful only if it’s accurate, timely, and insightful. We apply advanced analytics throughout the technology we offer to transform data overload into “smarter data” that’s used to make more confident decisions at a moment’s notice.

  • Drive successful outcomes:

This is where the value is delivered. Smarter data, delivered in a way that makes sense and creates an underlying confidence in legal teams, helps bring order to the “data chaos” that is present in the era of data-driven everything. Each client may define a successful outcome differently, but it’s our job to know them well enough to assist in accomplishing their goals through our superior tools, support, and expertise.

Client success is built on results:

ASCENT delivers more value to legal departments

Results prove the value of any given technology solution. Success is measured in many ways – meeting departmental goals, improving efficiency, lowering costs, finding immediate answers, etc. doeLEGAL’s ASCENT has proven value with many of the world’s largest market leaders. Their stories demonstrate how they leverage ASCENT to rethink their data, boost legal performance, and lower legal spend.

Software ConfigurationFeatured Client Success Story – Global Healthcare Leader

In 2015, the law department initiated a Global Transformation Project spearheaded by the Director of Legal Operations to create and enhance Law Department operational effectiveness and efficiency. As part of this program, the company recognized a need for an advanced enterprise legal management software, supported by experts, to provide a foundation for effectively managing their diverse law department operations.

To create and enhance law department operational effectiveness and efficiency, the company selected doeLEGAL’s ASCENT enterprise legal management software and support services.


What makes us operate so differently from the competition?

You need advanced information management tools and elevated support that give you anytime, anywhere control over cases and costs to help inform decision making and drive successful outcomes.

doeLEGAL has the history to prove it’s ability to meet the changing needs of legal professionals. The business started as Delaware Office Equipment (DOE) by providing the office machines, computers, and business technology that advanced office productivity in Wilmington, DE. As clients evolved their businesses and equipment, we grew with them by offering the next-generation services and tools they required to remain competitive in a changing business world. Managing legal clients was a niche where we excelled, so when that market required innovative software tools to manage their businesses, the company and staff added the capabilities to deliver.  As we expanded, so did our client base within the legal space and we now service over 22 countries and hundreds of distinct clients around the world.

Now with over 47 years of experience, you can say we know the unique needs of the global legal business market. Evolving our business model to offer the most advanced tools and services helps legal departments and law firms remain competitive.  Today legal professionals need smarter data and they need it intelligently delivered.  Those insights inform legal teams to make data-driven decisions and offer value to the entire business.  doeLEGAL remains on the cutting-edge of legal technology in order to provide the best-of-breed tools and expert client success services you need to meet your goals. You deserve a partner that acts with a client-focused mentality as your trusted advisor. doeLEGAL is ready to prove it every day.

GDPR and Privacy Shield Frameworks

doeLEGAL has taken all steps currently in place to ensure compliance with the new EU GDPR legislation related to the collection, storage, and usage of Personally Identifiable Information.  We also participate and are fully compliant with the EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield Frameworks, as stipulated by the US Department of Commerce. doeLEGAL updated our privacy policies, terms of service, and all procedures related to the use of our software and web activities. We will continue to take all steps necessary to remain compliant with the evolving global data security and privacy requirements that are in effect in the regions where we conduct business and deliver services.

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doeLEGAL has adopted the most advanced and sophisticated security measures and we will do whatever is needed to ensure the safety of our and your clients’ data.

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