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About doeLEGAL

Our success is founded on client success

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doeLEGAL began in 1971 as DOE Technologies with the goal of providing the most advanced business and office equipment to regional businesses. The company prospered and as advances in technology began revolutionizing office environments, DOE evolved by offering computer technology to one of the fastest-growing segments – Legal Services. Helping legal professionals increase efficiency and performance through solutions and software led to doeLEGAL, Inc. becoming one of the top 5 providers of Legal Technology solutions for ELM and eDiscovery.

Questel acquired the company in December 2020. Questel is a true end-to-end intellectual property solutions provider to more than 20,000 clients and one million users across 30 countries. Around our cutting-edge IPMS Equinox, Questel offers a comprehensive scope of software and services for managing all types of IP assets (Patent, Trademark, Design, Domain Name, Copyright, etc.) including searching, analyzing, and watching, international filing, translation, renewals and recordals. These solutions, when combined with our IP cost management platform, deliver clients an average savings of 30-60% across the entire prosecution budget.  With one parent company managing its family of leading companies, Questel Legal Ops Solutions was created to drive success in Legal Technology.
Visit questel.com to learn more about them.

doeLEGAL’s friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable experts continue to meet client demands for Enterprise Legal Management (eBilling, Matter Management, and Legal Hold) and eDiscovery service solutions. Drawing on over 52 years of experience, our Legal Tech experts ensure your team has secure access to the most advanced data management technology available.


doeLEGAL’s Corporate Mission

To deliver advanced legal technology and elevated support to provide legal teams with anytime, anywhere control of cases, costs, and IP to make better decisions and drive successful outcomes. Clients now have the opportunity to manage their entire legal innovation lifecycle from one company.

Exceeding your expectations

With doeLEGAL, you have secure access to your matter data along with a comprehensive set of tools and expert guidance for managing that data in real-time. doeLEGAL leverages its unmatched experience and best practices to help overcome most business challenges facing today’s legal professionals. Our LegalTech experts work as your partner, not just as another service provider. Questel LegalTech Solutions’ clients rely on our innovative technology, elevated business perspective, and exceptional experience to efficiently manage their business data and costs for more successful outcomes.
Simple, transparent pricing ensures your expenses are predictable without surprises!

Innovative Technology

Securely and easily control your business data with advanced solutions that simplify managing legal operations.

Elevated Perspective

Deliver a personalized, panoramic, and comprehensive view of your entire business on one dashboard to inform decision-making.

Expert Engagement

Partner with our experienced client support experts who act as an extension of your in-house legal team.

LegalTech solutions provide an elevated business perspective

As a legal technology pioneer, doeLEGAL guides thousands of corporate legal pros through virtually every conceivable challenge. The combination of five decades of innovative legal solutions, end-to-end IP & innovation expertise, and deep knowledge of legal operations uniquely qualifies doeLEGAL experts to provide you with a broader view of your business. With a trusted partner, you can provide greater value to your business partners and clients.

Empower your team with advanced legal software and services


Transparency and trust

doeLEGAL builds trust through data transparency, technology confidence, and user performance. Our promise is to earn our clients’ trust every day. That attitude empowers each employee to uphold doeLEGAL’s highest level of service. We adopted the most advanced security measures to ensure the safety of your data. By choosing doeLEGAL, you can rest assured that your data and your clients’ data are secure and accessible from any web-enabled device.

Keeping your data safe & secure is our first priority:


client-focused-solutionsdoeLEGAL holds multiple SOC certifications and maintains successful data security audits. 

“A SOC 2 Type II attestation shows that a vendor has followed a core standard for information security and reliability for the better part of the year and that a neutral professional has verified that compliance. It’s impartial proof that a company takes data integrity and uptime seriously.” – LegaltechNews.com article

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