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IP Management Software and Services

Empowering Legal with end-to-end IP services & solutions across the entire innovation lifecycle

Business-Focused Intellectual Property Asset Management by Questel


Services designed to keep your IP assets up to date and aligned with your company strategy

  • Empower your team with a comprehensive and integrated system
  • Answer your business questions with real-world answers
  • Gain insights using a deeper dive into IP data with ease
  • Manage intellectual innovations throughout the IP Lifecycle
  • Monitor workflow to stay in control of your IP portfolio

Intellectual Property Software & Services Provide Powerful Answers

Businesses need to efficiently manage their IP and innovation lifecycle. The answer is a partner that lives and breathes IP management and offers software and services Legal teams can rely on to manage their business assets.

Questel is the leading end-to-end intellectual property solutions provider helping businesses search, analyze, and manage inventions and IP assets. Questel’s mission is to allow Innovation to be developed in an efficient, secured, and sustainable way.

IP management software - asset management

More than know-how, technology drives our company culture
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Discover how Questel IP services & solutions will help your Legal team reduce costs, improve performance, and transparently monitor the entire Intellectual Property and Innovation portfolio lifecycle.

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