Emerson Electric Leverages Questel’s Ascent ELM to Streamline Legal Operations

Legal Technology empowered Emerson Electric to manage initiatives that pushed beyond its capabilities.

Emerson Electric sought to improve the legal department’s business data analysis and transparency. Enterprise Legal Management offered the “smart data” they needed for Legal to collaborate with all global business units to provide insights, analyze the processes for improvements, and seek more savings opportunities. First, they needed LegalTech capable of handling more legal responsibilities, managing daily workflows, and effectively analyzing data to make decisions – a change was needed! 

A centralized Enterprise Legal Management system that could analyze all legal spend information was the goal.


Ascent ELM centralized and streamlined functions to increase operations efficiency, but Emerson Electric sought an easier path for users to overcome user adoption after challenges with its previous ELM system. Their goal was to improve process efficiency, automation, and savings opportunities:

• Legal Operations team projected a $15 MM savings over a three-year period through new billing policies and operational efficiencies.

• Ascent ELM’s AFAs delivered cost and saving predictability year over year.

• All global teams collaboratively leverage Ascent ELM to manage legal spend with one tool.


Working with dedicated teams of ELM experts enabled Emerson Electric to quickly optimize operations and drive more cost-effective outcomes. Read the client testimonial to learn more about Emerson Electric’s experience and results after employing Questel’s Ascent ELM solution. 

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