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Can Ascent ELM be completely configured to how we manage our legal operations, and can it change as we evolve?2022-12-16T16:38:24-05:00

Absolutely. The completely configurable solutions doeLEGAL offers are an essential part of our business model. Our experts get to know your business first and then configure the solutions to match your needs. We realize that needs change over time, so we ensure that our system changes with you. We continue to enhance our solutions over time, but we also offer self-service options to alleviate your needs to request support assistance.

Configurable solutions are where the technology truly sets itself apart. Ascent ELM’s Flex-System™ gives users the most control over their legal operations. The redesigned user interface allows you navigate more simply, customize what you see and how you see it, and offer you new ways to manage your tool configuration. doeLEGAL clients rely on us to help them work smarter, not harder.

Can I speak with your clients to learn about their experiences?2020-05-26T15:14:30-04:00

We’re happy to introduce you, however, we won’t provide a list out of respect for clients’ request for anonymity. If you choose to speak with one of our clients, you can request a colleague introduction through our contact us form  – just let us know which one you wish to speak with. Client law departments and law firms are more than happy to act as a reference for our business, and would be willing to share their experience to help others. You will learn about the initial challenges that brought about a need to seek solutions, the problems they faced in finding them, the solutions they considered, and the ultimate decision to choose ASCENT® or doeDISCOVERY™.  You can learn more about the benefits they find today. Read their stories

Do my outside legal counsel and 3rd-party vendors pay to use ASCENT ELM?2022-10-11T16:10:09-04:00

Our software model does not charge your outside counsel or 3rd-party vendors to use the system. We do realize that’s a different business model, but we also believe it’s the right one for our clients. The client onboarding charges include the onboarding of all vendors into the ASCENT ELM system. There are no chargebacks or added fees for them to invoice clients through our ELM platform. It’s all included in your upfront, contracted monthly charge.

Do upgrades to Ascent solutions cost extra?2023-06-22T17:00:51-04:00

We don’t believe in forklift upgrades or charging you to do it for you. Our clients experience minimal downtime to ensure your team remains productive. You get all the rich features and benefits that any upgrade adds to your solutions as part of your contract. Because our software is in a hosted position, we can upgrade at scale and offer it to all clients at no additional cost.

How can Ascent ELM help my team manage our legal holds?2022-12-19T17:30:06-05:00

In many cases, corporate attorneys face defending actions during their legal hold processes. These include when it was initiated, what they put on hold, what they communicated with relevant custodians, and when or how they monitored each custodian’s compliance. Ascent ELM includes a powerful set of capabilities such as a Legal Hold Module to eliminate the stress and avoid the human error that can be associated with litigation. Ascent ELM creates a fully-defensible, cost-effective, and highly-efficient legal hold and data preservation practice.

Ascent ELM guides you through these steps as a road map to success:

  1. Know the FRCP rules regarding a defensible legal hold.
  2. Audit your data preservation policies and modify them to close any gaps to adhere to best practices.
  3. Leverage online technology to remove human error and manage the entire legal hold with one tool.
  4. Drive company-wide adoption and use of the tools to eliminate errors and improve support.
How is COVID-19 affecting doeLEGAL’s services?2020-10-02T17:06:41-04:00

doeLEGAL’s top priorities are our employees, clients, partners, and their families. Due to the pandemic’s ongoing state, we follow the directives from the medical and government officials to do our part to help slow the transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Delaware and our surrounding communities.

Since March 16, we have transitioned to a remote-work business model across our entire office to ensure our employees have the safest work environment. We are uniquely qualified to remain productive regardless of location and support your business needs for a great user experience with us.

We understand this is a serious situation, and our thoughts are with those of you who are personally affected. We will make every effort once things are back to a controlled situation to update you again. We appreciate your support, your business, and your understanding as we all take steps to help keep everyone safe.

Please let us know if you have any concerns or questions during the pandemic. You may call 302-798-7500 or email us at

How much experience do you have with managing litigation data?2022-12-19T17:50:37-05:00

Litigation data is where we started. We developed a comprehensive eDiscovery process that uses the best-in-class technology to offer Ascent eDiscovery that collects, stores, analyzes, and produces complex litigation data for law firms and legal departments worldwide. Our dedicated eDiscovery and litigation support experts have decades of experience guiding partners to successful outcomes while lowering litigation costs. Our team has broad expertise with all legal software tools used at each stage of the EDRM process. We also consult with major software companies to provide expert programming used in the advanced eDiscovery software available today.

doeLEGAL provides all these EDRM-focused services as a service package, or choose only the services you need to augment your in-house capabilities. All our services are handled under one roof to ensure an unbroken chain of custody.

I noticed the Ascent name and the mountain peaks – what do they represent with for doeLEGAL?2023-06-22T16:57:42-04:00

Mountains represent an elevated perspective where teams rise to the top through trust, endurance, teamwork, and skill. We provide smart data, intelligently delivered which elevates client legal teams to peak efficiency. While a bit witty, it’s completely true. We chose the Ascent name for our ELM software and eDiscovery services because it creates a panoramic view of your business that offers unmatched business operation visibility to control your cases and costs. With the help of Questel’s suite of products and services, we’ve helped customers reach a higher level of efficiency as well. With the business benefits our combined solutions offer clients, doeLEGAL embodies the characteristics captured in mountain peak symbolism.

You may have noticed that we don’t feature mountains in our website or literature anymore. We recognized that our clients live in an environment surrounded by business teams, corporate offices, and technology. Our visitors’ expectations are best met when the website displays surroundings that reflect their world. This new website focuses on client success and how they work.

If I move my legal operations to Ascent ELM®, can I expect any downtime? How about during an upgrade?2023-06-22T16:54:25-04:00

Your time is valuable, and we respect that. Not having to worry about interruptions to work as you move to a new software release is often critical to new clients. There is no downtime to account for or any data conversions to worry about when starting with or converting to Ascent ELM®. You remain productive while we handle the technology so you can focus on legal operations. Upgrades are also an effortless way to bring the power of the latest version of the most innovative and efficient enterprise legal management platform to your team. We handle the heavy lifting with minimal support from your IT team.

Is legal technology (LegalTech) affordable?2022-10-11T16:38:43-04:00

doeLEGAL offers SaaS legal technology that satisfies complex legal needs at competitive prices. Clients expect rapid ROI, low costs of deployment and operation, and predictable total cost of ownership – doeLEGAL solutions deliver that. Our legal technology ranks as the most affordable, single-solution, integrated, and configurable ELM and eDiscovery solutions that serve the entire legal ecosystem.

Our unique, holistic service delivery model ensures the highest levels of client service quality and system performance. Our vision is to provide our customers with a single, go-to source of accurate information delivered when and where they need it at a predictable, budget-conscious cost of ownership. We tailor legal technology solutions to fit your needs, so contact our experts to discuss pricing when you’re ready.

My current AFA system forces all kinds of limitations on us like only being able to use hourly rates. Does Ascent ELM® have a more flexible solution?2023-06-22T16:52:45-04:00

Today’s fee arrangements should not be limited by your software — only by your creativity. You deserve the flexibility to implement what makes the most sense for your business. The new Ascent ELM® Alternative Fee Arrangements AFA-Wizard™ capability allows you to create and manage new “value-based billing” scenarios, transparently collaborating with outside counsel, putting you in control of vendor billing and fees.

Our IT team is concerned about increasing workloads. What can doeLEGAL handle for us?2020-05-27T11:23:07-04:00

We hear it from everyone, their IT department is being tasked with more responsibilities. With the added concerns about cyber security, technology up-time, remote access, and user support – the last thing they want is another piece of software to manage. That’s where doeLEGAL’s team of support technicians, developers, and programmers help our clients overcome their greatest concerns. Our dedicated experts work as an extension of your own IT team to help you overcome infrastructure limitations, maintain data security, manage software implementations, support all users and vendors, and even install updates. This level of engagement allows your team to focus on supporting the business of practicing law and focusing on clients’ needs first.

Out-of-the-box reports don’t always give us the answers we need. How easily can I create a report or query without asking for help?2020-05-26T14:52:44-04:00

Our included reports fit most legal operations’ needs, but unique company needs happen every day. Have you ever thought of a question you want to ask, but not sure how to get the answer you need? No more waiting for someone’s help to create and pull a report for you. The new Report Builder™ lets you easily create your own reports by using drag and drop fields to get immediate answers. Reports can be scheduled and automatically distributed or made instantly available to everyone using the new SmartView™ dashboard. If you do need help, our experts are ready to step in and get it done.

You can also output to Excel® with a simple mouse-click for further formatting and mixing with other data. Combining this with the new Search Page enhancements makes your information even more useful.

Also, our new Query Builder™ lets you target every piece of information the system captures. New features like dynamic filters and user-created calculated fields let you customize your results.

Right now, my data is all over the place, which makes my decision-making more difficult. Can Ascent ELM give me a complete and consistent view of all my business drivers regardless of origin?2022-12-21T16:19:12-05:00

Viewing your most critical information in one place, in a way that makes sense to you, isn’t always easy. You may be spending hours poring over lengthy reports simply to find the information you need. The new Ascent ELM SmartView™ dashboard provides graphical views of key matter information so you can see all your legal data at a glance. Analyzing data from disparate sources into one place allows Ascent ELM to intelligently deliver the information you need to make critical decisions faster. You can easily compare matter, spend, and law firm data in the same view.

We live in Outlook; does ASCENT ELM easily integrate with it?2022-10-11T16:03:35-04:00

ASCENT ELM’s SmartLink™ Outlook Integration connects with your email inbox to easily add documents, create and edit matters, and manage invoices. ELM tasks can be directly accessed from any inbox without sacrificing the feature-rich functionality and security of the full SaaS ELM platform. Teams can also seamlessly access ASCENT ELM from within Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to further streamline work.

ASCENT ELM provides the power to drag-and-drop documents from your inbox to a matter’s repository in one step. Attorneys can approve, adjust, or reject invoices from Outlook. All ASCENT ELM solutions increase efficiency through templates provided to easily manage existing matters.

We’re a global corporation with evolving needs. Is doeLEGAL large enough to handle our account?2022-12-16T17:11:05-05:00

doeLEGAL is handling many of the world’s largest and most demanding corporate accounts. From Fortune 100’s to multi-national corporations, each client is treated like they’re our only client. Our reputation is well-known, but clients are often a bit surprised that a company of our size is more than capable to handle all of their needs as well as exceed their expectations of the technology. Our clients are more than happy to speak with any colleagues as references by sharing their stories.  Our business model is built by bringing together the best people, technology, and skills to ensure your account is expertly managed by a team of experienced professionals.

What are the most compelling reasons to use your solutions?2022-10-11T16:19:02-04:00

doeLEGAL clients have seen significant benefits leveraging our solutions. On the ASCENT ELM side of our business, our clients have improved legal performance by 65%, re-purposed over half of their legal staff, saved 50% on legal spend, increased transparency, and improved business efficiency. On the Ascent eDiscovery side, clients have lowered their time to process data by 66%, improved accuracy by 50%, and lowered overall litigation costs by 50%. Customer support is also a key component because our teams are highly-responsive, answering every call and providing useful answers.

What is eDiscovery?2022-10-11T16:34:42-04:00

With the entire world going digital, the volume of data is expected to double every two years. eDiscovery has evolved to meet this exponential increase, replacing traditional document discovery. eDiscovery is capable of analyzing millions of electronic documents efficiently to rapidly assign relevance. Wikipedia defines eDiscovery, “Electronic discovery (also e-Discovery or eDiscovery) refers to discovery in legal proceedings such as litigation, government investigations, or Freedom of Information Act requests, where the information sought is in electronic format (referred to as electronically stored information or ESI). Electronic discovery is subject to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (RFCP) and agreed-upon processes, often involving review for privilege and relevance before data are turned over to the requesting party.”

Ascent eDiscovery consolidates the litigation processes into a single, comprehensive service. A user-friendly dashboard manages the EDRM progress on one configurable screen. Our experienced litigation support experts guide the process, increase accuracy, and improve litigation performance while lowering costs by up to 50%.

What is ELM?2022-10-11T16:05:33-04:00

Most legal professionals know what’s included in ELM, but Wikipedia defines ELM this way, “enterprise legal management (ELM) is a practice management strategy of corporate legal departments, insurance claims departments, and government legal and contract management departments.

ELM developed during the 1990s in response to increased corporate demands for accountability, transparency, and predictability, and employs software to manage internal legal documents and workflows, electronic billing and invoicing, and to guide decision-making through reporting and analytics.”

doeLEGAL’s  ASCENT ELM hosted software allows corporate legal departments to streamline legal operations, manage legal spend, and easily analyze all matter data by providing visibility into all aspects of legal operations with a fully-integrated, configurable dashboard that delivers information when and where you need it.

What makes you and your legal technology solutions different?2020-08-12T15:59:55-04:00

Not all legal service providers are created equal; the same is true for software solutions. doeLEGAL offers legal technology solutions and services that put you, the client, first. We work as your partner, not as a vendor. Helping you overcome challenges to help achieve your goals is our primary business mission. Beyond offering the most advanced legal technology, we offer process automation supported by a client-focused business service model. Our developers are the highest caliber technologists who build software that provides legal teams with the necessary information they need to quickly make critical decisions and optimize their legal operations. We combine service and support to provide the insights high-performing legal teams want to increase efficiency while lowering legal costs. Clients appreciate our full-featured, configurable software versus the typical, costly customized competitive offerings. With faster implementation, lower costs, and more efficient results – clients share their stories to prove the value.

We don’t answer to capital venture groups or shareholders, so we can make decisions in the best interests of our clients – period.

What should I look for in an ELM solution?2022-10-11T16:16:35-04:00

The service components that should be included are matter management, eBilling invoice management, advanced legal spend reporting, Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFAs), Outlook integration, analytics, budgeting & forecasting, benchmarking, timekeeper tracking, user-friendly dashboards, and business system integrations. These are all included with our ASCENT ELM tools along with much more. Make sure that training and comprehensive customer support are included at no extra charge.

What’s included in my monthly price when I work with doeLEGAL?2020-06-30T15:53:42-04:00

That’s one of our favorite questions. The answer is simple, but sometimes hard to believe. The short answer is that you know cost of your the solution software and services, implementation, integration, configuration, and training on day 1. That’s spend predictability that few others can offer, if at all. There are no hidden fees. We like to call this our “Predictable cost of ownership.” This means that you pay the same rate each month for all these services. Other services are included as well like writing custom reports, integrating other software packages, and configuring the system to meet your team’s needs. Our clients love this year after year because it’s so different from our competitors. Read more about it: Predictable Cost of Ownership.

What’s the best way to contact my doeLEGAL support rep for answers?2022-10-11T16:12:41-04:00

doeLEGAL is always available to you. You may reach your support team by calling 302-798-7500. If your need involves ASCENT ELM, you may email directly the team using For eDiscovery needs, please email for your answers.  For other issues, feel free to use our contact us page to outline your needs. These messages are sent directly to a dedicated team member to ensure your issue gets resolved. Our after-hours support escalates your message to the right person as well. Use the contact method that best suits your desired method to receive a response. We know you want answers, so we don’t pass you off to an auto-attendant system. Your Legaltech experts are ready to help.

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