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Legal Operations Software Solutions

Innovative Enterprise Legal Management and eDiscovery
LegalTech that Streamlines Legal Processes & Reduces Expenses

Legal Operations Software Solutions for ELM and eDiscovery

Powerful LegalTech enabling increased business efficiency and reduced costs

Legal Operations Software Solutions and Elevated Client Support leverage the best technology and expertise to provide you with anytime, anywhere control of cases and costs to make timely decisions that drive successful outcomes.

Powerful Legal Operations Software
Streamlines Matters and Optimizes Legal Spend


The leading Enterprise Legal Management solution to simplify your e-billing and matter management while delivering business insights when and where you need them.


Calculate Your Savings

An Enterprise Legal Management System automates your matters and legal invoice processing with Ascent ELM.  Use the calculator to create a custom report showing your potential savings which provides valuable input into your Enterprise Legal Management System business case.


Empower Your Litigation Teams and Reduce Costs
eDiscovery Services That Elevate Success


Get your eDiscovery services and support under one roof to manage litigation costs while retaining all case data in a secure, hosted environment. Advanced technology driven by legal management software and your dedicated support team enables faster processing, more accurate results, and reduced litigation costs.

DoeLEGAL leverages its expertise in data hosting, processing, and technology services, as well as its global presence amongst the world’s largest legal departments and law firms.


Smart data, intelligently delivered.

Legal analytics in the age of data-driven everything is complex. Disparate data and manual processes make it difficult to deliver timely insights. You need smart data: available, actionable, relevant and secure. And it must be intelligently delivered when and where your team needs it.

Learn how intelligently delivered smart data can help you make the right decisions.

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