foodAt this time of year is is important to remember how fortunate we are. Many of those around us do not have enough to stay warm or feed their families during this holiday of thanks. In our own small way, doeLEGAL wanted to give back to our community with Thanksgiving donations to the local Food Bank of Delaware to help fulfill their mission. Today we finished up the collecting activities for the Thanksgiving Food Bank of Delaware donations!! We have some truly great people here that made this collection very special. Many of us donated to this worthy cause to make this Thanksgiving better for all those seeking food, warmth, and caring during this holiday season.

So a big, “Thank You” goes to all our employees that helped make this holiday better for so many families in our local area. The Food Bank of Delaware helps many needy folks here. Our thanks go out to all of their volunteers and workers that make every effort to take care of all those in need. Their work changes lives! Here are some hard facts about hunger in Delaware:

  • The Food Bank of Delaware provides emergency food for an estimated 241,600 different people annually
  • A recent Gallop Poll ranked Delaware 3rd in the nation for the highest percentage of people who struggle to afford food
  • About 17,500 different people receive emergency food assistance in any given week
  • 44% of the people served by the Food Bank of Delaware are children under 18 years old
  • 6% of the members of households are children age 0 to 5 years
  • 6% of the members of households are elderly

Enjoy the holidays and remember those around you that may be in need. This day of thanks is even better when you reach out to those less fortunate and help. The roads will be filled throughout the week so please be careful. Have a safe and happy holiday. Let’s not be the only one that give Thanksgiving donations to the local food banks every year.