doeLEGAL, an innovator of collaborative legal services for corporate legal departments and law firms, is proud to be listed as a member in sponsorship of ACC Annual and their newly formed Association of Corporate Counsel’s (ACC) Legal Ops 2015 Conference. On June 3-4, 2015, their first annual meeting will be held in Chicago, IL. In attendance will be some of the most noteworthy Corporate Counsel representatives in America. This Alliance is positioned to be a platform exclusively for corporate legal operations professionals. It forms a member-driven organization delivering benchmarking and collaboration opportunities, resources, and a unified voice to advance and support this critical business function. Some of the most promising legal technology providers will be available to speak with these legal business leaders and doeLEGAL is proud to be recognized in this very prestigious list.

ACC Legal Ops 2015

The conference agenda includes sessions covering these important issues:

  • Running the law department like a business
  • Legal ops groups’ scope and structure
  • Improving efficiency across the legal department
  • Strategic and sourcing & staffing
  • Tools to save time and money
  • Rapid deployment of new technology
  • Moving beyond convergence to a singularity in law firm relationships
  • Prioritizing legal ops improvement initiatives


The ACC Legal Ops 2015 conference will help Corporate Counsel learn from one another about best practices and emerging trends, set working groups in motion to address issues and opportunities of common interests, and interact with invited players in the law department management ecosystem. The ACC has a long history of providing valuable resources to the legal community. The new Legal Operations group will bring in additional legal professionals which will add more benefits through a far broader perspective on the rising issues facing Corporate America.

“The sponsorship of ACC Legal Operations Conference is a great addition to our event calendar. The powerful resources that the ACC has built for our corporate legal community offer great value to corporate legal operations leadership. We look forward to being a sponsor on the ground floor of this highly anticipated event and anticipate valuable interaction with the attendees this year.”, states Tom Russo, President & CEO of doeLEGAL.

You can learn more about doeLEGAL by visiting their home page by clicking here.

About doeLEGAL:

doelegal logodoeLEGAL remains on the leading edge of the collaborative legal innovations provided to corporations’ legal departments and law firms for both eDiscovery and Enterprise Legal Management. doeLEGAL is dedicated to earning every client’s business every day through a new 5-tenet differentiation model including a predictable cost of ownership, distinctly superior technology & software, configured to your unique world, exceptional client-focused support, with solutions built on a foundation of collaboration. As the legal needs of clients change, they continually increase their capabilities to match the new demand in both technology and personnel.  doeLEGAL holds distinctive expertise in Legal Spend and Litigation Management, making them uniquely qualified to add greater value to each legal solution. For more information, please contact doeLEGAL at 302-798-7500 or e-mail