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With the SmartView™ dashboard, you receive premier legal enterprise collaboration (LEC) providing a fully-functional collaboration platform for your teams to interface with all other business units. Real-time, secure access to all the information surrounding any particular matter or case gives you the smart data you need at your fingertips. Informed teams make confident decisions!

The future of law is headed towards fully collaborative environments to promote greater efficiency without data silos that limit management. With role-specific access to all data in one secure, single instance workspace, this kind of shared environment ensures that all team members always have access to critical data, regardless of their location. By working with doeLEGAL, you will elevate your legal department towards this future-ready state using enhanced workflow, process automation, and collaborative access. With a new, fresh user experience – your legal teams have a software partner that is committed to the same success you seek. Elevated control with more informed support gives you everything your teams need to effectively manage cases, costs, and data… all at a predictable price.

We Provide:


Enterprise Legal Management

ASCENT™ is designed to help legal departments gain greater insight into their legal operations, outside legal spending, and matter management based on the principles of process, collaboration, and automation. The ASCENT™ Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) solution is the most advanced and configurable tool for rapid processing of matter data, efficient review, and advanced reporting available. Learn more!

Litigation Support / eDiscovery / Data Hosting

Designed to manage and organize the EDRM process from “file to trial,” collaboratively between in-house litigation teams, outside counsel, and third-party service providers. Our strength comes from our experts who guide you through our process. We can supplement your own in-house capabilities or you may have us efficiently manage the entire eDiscovery lifecycle. Learn more!

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