doeLEGAL Celebrates 44 Years of  Global Legal Community Service with Legal eBilling, Case Management, and Litigation Support.

A long legacy of service continues as doeLEGAL celebrates its 44th year. Providing innovative solutions to corporate legal departments and law firms around the globe has set doeLEGAL in a leadership position for Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) and eDiscovery services.

2020 Update: With Questel Legaltech Solutions added, we can now offer IP Management Solutions as well as Business Translation Services.

“For 44 years, we have built our success on a passion for service excellence. We make each client feel like they’re our only client. This continues to be our commitment to you… to earn it every single day!”

Wilmington, Delaware

doelegal-44 yearsAs they commemorate 44 years of serving the legal community as both D.O.E. Technologies, Inc. and doeLEGAL, LLC, they proudly announce that they are combining all capabilities and expertise into one corporate identity as doeLEGAL, Inc. their corporate mission, corporate culture, and client-focused way of doing business remains firmly the same, only their name changes.

They are grateful to all their friends, family, and clients as they ring in a new year in business. It is their clients’ support and dedication to advancing their legal efficiency that keeps doeLEGAL striving to innovate every day.

A celebration of service continues as doeLEGAL serves the legal market for 44 years. Providing innovative solutions to corporate legal departments and law firms around the globe has set doeLEGAL in its leadership position. One more way that they earn clients’ business every day!

Their Predictable Cost of Ownership business model ensures that every client receives superior technology and software in a collaborative platform configured to their unique legal world. Putting clients first has always been a large part of the corporate culture. To find out how they have been successful in this growing market with strong client loyalty, visit their website here.

About doeLEGAL:
doeLEGAL is on the leading edge of the collaborative legal innovations being brought to corporations and law firms for both eBilling and eDiscovery. As the legal needs of clients change, they continually increase their capabilities to match the new demand in both technology and personnel. Relationships are a critical component in today’s business environment and an integral part of doeLEGAL’s client-oriented mission.