The New World Report Announces doeLEGAL as a winner of 2020 Software & Technology Award with ASCENT

doeLEGAL wins Best Legal Operations Technology Solutions Provider of 2020 after a long, detailed evaluation and judging process. ASCENT® is the advanced Legal Ops solutions that drives successful outcomes.

NewWorldReport-TechAwards-2020The business landscape

The market has changed quite a lot in 2020, but the needs of business leaders have only increased. doeLEGAL provides deep insights on the business of law as well as delivering transparency to all business units is one of the foundational missions for their ASCENT® ELM  software. Legal Ops seeks answers from tools that increase efficiency while also lowering costs. That is the backbone of the user-friendly and configurable Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) software that doeLEGAL provides each client, regardless of location.
You can read more about the benefits in doeLEGAL’s client success stories.

Who is The New World Report?

The New World Report is a respected business news delivery service. They evaluated many technology solutions to find the most impactful and beneficial to clients and businesses. doeLEGAL is proud to have been named the winner of their Legal Operations Technology Solutions Provider for 2020.

This is an excerpt from The New World Report’s press release that can be read in more detail here.

Whilst technology has, for the last decade at least, seen itself thrust into a role of crucial importance, 2020 has only magnified this role to new heights. It’s with all of this very much in mind that we launched the 2020 edition of the Software and Technology Awards. As always, we have endeavored to acknowledge the efforts of these pioneers and disruptors of modern technology, as well as those who have sustained excellence and exhibited long term dedication to their commitment to the development and advancements in technology.

Awards Coordinator Gabrielle Ellis took a moment to speak on the achievements of those recognized. “It is always a pleasure to highlight the companies that work in the technology sphere, especially with consideration of the challenges all businesses and all industries have faced over the last year. I offer a sincere congratulations to all of those acknowledged in this program and hope you all have a fantastic year ahead.”