enterprise-legal-management-isn't-painfulWith more than 40 years of experience in the legal services industry, doeLEGAL understands that with limited IT resources and little time to focus on new projects, the thought of implementing any new system can be intimidating. Using our Web-Based ASCENT® Enterprise Legal Management system, doeLEGAL is dedicated to providing a painless and efficient onboarding experience. Let’s take a look at how that happens.

ELM experience counts

Clients are relieved of the burden of taking on the majority of the most time-consuming implementation tasks so you have more time to focus on your day-to-day activities.

Our implementation approach emphasizes leveraging industry best practices while minimizing the required effort on the part of your corporate legal department. We make sure your enterprise legal management doesn’t have to be painful

Implementing best practices

Utilizing proven industry standards based on many years of corporate legal department and law firm experience, we will ensure that you are tracking the most meaningful data to immediately provide a comprehensive view of your legal spend. This allows your team to collect and analyze all business data for immediate insights into cost by matters, firms, business units, and much more.

Law firm and vendor interaction

doeLEGAL’s Vendor Support Team handles all vendor communications from engagement to onboarding to training, as well as any ongoing invoice support and troubleshooting.

Small to medium-sized legal departments

For smaller legal departments, who currently maintain matter and invoice information using spreadsheets and/or other non-database applications, we provide easy to use matter import and historical spend templates designed to quickly and easily import your data into ASCENT®. This included service helps clients’ feel a painless Enterprise Legal Management implementation. From day one, you gain insight into your data relating to attorney workload, matter status, as well as spend by matter type, practice group, business unit, etc. All data is conveniently presented via user-friendly analytical dashboards or on-demand reports. Customized reports can be expertly developed to match your specific requirements.

Data migration

Our onboarding team will work with you or your IT department to obtain matter and invoice data from your current system or other sources. We analyze and convert your data in preparation for import into the ASCENT® system. Prior to import, we review your data with you to ensure that all the appropriate information is being maintained.


doeLEGAL will work directly with your IT and Accounts Payable departments to seamlessly integrate into your current AP system, helping you achieve even greater productivity and giving you access to all relevant matter and spend information within the ASCENT® system.


Our support staff will provide web-based training at your convenience for legal department and vendor users as well as custom training documentation tailored to your specific configuration and workflow. We also provide weekly training sessions as new vendors and users are added to the system.

ASCENT® Clients are our proof

Clients all over the world are experiencing the benefits of working with an ELM service provider that puts them first. We will be happy to share their experiences when you are ready. The goal is to make the system work beyond your expectations without creating a lot of work for your department. Clients tell us often how our painless Enterprise Legal Management implementation got them up and running after than predicted as well as improved their efficiency and lowered their legal costs in the first year. Your staff will receive training to help you use this data immediately, which helps your business elevate their business perspective on day one.

Call us today or visit our webpage to set up an online meeting with our experts. There is no obligation or charge to learn more about collaborative legal technology.