EU-US Privacy Shield

US Dept of Commerce grants EU-US & Swiss-US Privacy Shield Frameworks self-certification to doeLEGAL

doeLEGAL applied for self-certification and was granted comfirmation to be listed with the US Department of Commerce for both the EU-US Privacy Shield and now the newer Swiss-US Privacy Shield. This replaces the old Safe Harbor self-certification by the Department of Commerce. The change signifies an ongoing commitment to ensure that European-based clients have confidence in their privacy during website visits and that they are protected with compliant data security for the data they transfer to and receive from doeLEGAL.  The new Privacy Shield framework also provides for improved resolutions to any issues that may arise from data use. The goal of the new programs is to instill confidence that the companies listed on the US Department of Commerce’s website have had their privacy policies and procedures analyzed and approved as “Compliant” with all stated self-certification requirements as stated in the Privacy Shield Framework for each program.

Both EU-US and Swiss-US are awarded through self-certification applications. The privacy policies and dispute resolution procedures must then be accredited by the governing bodies that check published privacy policies and data usage statements on our website.  These commitments to our clients and visitors demonstrate the continuing efforts that show our value and dedication to our visitors and clients.

Update: While doeLEGAL remains compliant with all criteria for Privacy Shield Frameworks, the EU has determined that the currently accepted Frameworks do not provide adequate coverage for citizens’ privacy. they are confirming the new Frameworks and expect them to be approved soon. Until then, the current criteria remain active and all US companies with self-certification approval are bound to the Privacy Shield Framework regulations and requirements. doeLEGAL will continue to monitor these developments to remain an active member of the approved listings.

Our approval is clearly shown with our listing on the Privacy Shield Website.  Simply search for doeLEGAL and you’ll see the listing as it is shown below: