doeLEGAL, LLC, a global legal service provider leading the way towards a more collaborative legal environment designed for legal spend, matter management, and eDiscovery services, announces that two dedicated experts take on new roles within their organization. Recognizing the talent proven over years of successfully managing the most challenging project requirements, doeLEGAL promotes two of its own to new management positions.  For over 42 years, doeLEGAL has successfully brought the best technology, software, and support professionals to work together for their expanding global client base. Recognizing the talent they currently employ is yet another reason that doeLEGAL retains its staff and advances their career skills. This level of employee support shos attracts industry professionals to this customer-focused legal technology leader.

Zac SchindlerZac Schindler, doeLEGAL’s new IT Director, takes on the responsibilities of overseeing multiple teams of software, hardware, network, data, service, and software experts. Focusing his deep experience on maintaining the superior technology, software, and technology infrastructure that doeLEGAL is known for, Zac will now take on managing the security and integrity of all client data hosted in the doeLEGAL Data Center. Zac will apply hands-on experience and expert training with the most advanced technology available in the world. His knowledge and experience working with all information technology ensure their continued success with leading-edge solutions built on a foundation of collaboration.

 Tom Russo, President & CEO, doeLEGAL states, “Having such a proven expert like Zac take over our entire IT Department is one of my easiest decisions. His knowledge of our operations, data center, and all aspects of the workload and procedures make him a unique asset that understands how to deliver on our promises. I am proud that doeLEGAL promotes Zac and expect great things as he takes the helm to deliver our superior software and technology.”

Josh BrownJosh Brown takes over the management of their Litigation Management & eDiscovery team. This new position will take advantage of Josh’s expert litigation support experience earned through years of hands-on execution of all aspects of the EDRM Spectrum for doeLEGAL clients. He is one of the most respected eDiscovery professionals capable of assisting global clients with every aspect of the litigation lifecycle including collections, EDD processing, culling and de-duplication of data, Technology-Assisted Review (TAR), and final production. Josh’s knowledge of advanced litigation tools and their application earned him an impeccable reputation in the legal service industry. His extreme attention to detail while fully understanding each client’s unique project requirements makes him the perfect choice for this new management role at doeLEGAL.

Tom Russo continued by saying, “Josh’s vast knowledge and experience in our Litigation Team will ensure our clients will continue to receive the most responsive, expert service they expect. Having his proven skillset overseeing all eDiscovery technology will provide the right mix of support and service we guarantee every day. doeLEGAL is proud to recognize Josh’s years of dedicated service by having him manage our Litigation & eDiscovery Team.”

doeLEGAL remains on the leading edge of the collaborative legal innovations provided to corporations and law firms for both eDiscovery and eBilling. doeLEGAL has pledged to earn every client’s business every day through a new 5-tenant differentiation model including the predictable cost of ownership, distinctly superior technology & software, all configure to your unique world, exceptional client-focused support, with solutions built on a foundation of collaboration. As the legal needs of clients change, they continually increase their capabilities to match the new demand in both technology and personnel. Advancing Zac and Josh to their new positions shows a firm belief that the best talent is often in-house. doeLEGAL has a distinctive background and expertise in Legal Spend and Litigation Management, making them uniquely qualified to add greater value to each collaborative legal solution. For more information, please contact doeLEGAL at 302-798-7500 or e-mail

About doeLEGAL

doeLEGAL is an innovator of cloud-based legal enterprise collaboration solutions for the legal industry and a partner in increasing efficiency while lowering costs for legal departments and law firms. Our suite of end-to-end superior software and collaborative services includes electronic invoice processing, legal spend and matter management, litigation support, and electronic discovery. doeLEGAL serves small, medium, and large global clients in more than 35 countries. Established over four decades ago, doeLEGAL has built an impeccable reputation and takes pride in providing advanced technology offered at an excellent price point to clients who value and depend on exceptional client-focused service. doeLEGAL is dedicated to earning its clients’ business every day. To learn how –  visit doeLEGAL at