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Legal Technology At Peak Efficiency

Legal Enterprise Collaboration for Legal Spend & Litigation Support Management

A New Way to Think About Legal Technology

doeLEGAL elevates your performance by delivering innovative legal technology solutions. This reduces your workload and costs. Delivering a comprehensive suite of cloud-based legal tools, you can access and monitor your entire legal world from one screen.

Built on the principals we call "Legal Enterprise Collaboration", your solutions for Corporate Law Departments and Law Firms are delivered through a feature-rich, shared environment focused on joint responsibility for managing the business of law. You know the legal services you need to make your work more efficient; we have developed the legal solution that exceeds your requirements at a more competitive price point.

We developed the answer for efficiency and cost reduction! We utilized Intelligent Innovation, designed to make legal work easier while also lowering your outside expenses. Collaborative, user-friendly legal services integrating eBilling and eDiscovery will save you more time and money by increasing the efficiency of your resources! As legal professionals, you want to see proof that solutions work as stated. Your proof is simply one demonstration away.

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Two Solutions to Join Them All:

Legal Spend and Matter Management (eBilling)

doeASCENT-logodoeASCENT™ is the enterprise-class, end-to-end solution for managing your legal spend, matters, and projects all in one integrated eBilling package. Corporate Legal Departments seek answers that simplify and organize information, communication, electronic invoices, and documents to make more informed decisions. You can easily manage these matters and spend in collaboration with all third-parties involved through an array of valuable forecasting, budgeting, reporting, and analytic tools. Streamline your review workflow to reduce your invoice processing time to just 10% that of paper billing.

Working in a team cloud-based position allows maximum work efficiency regardless of time, location, or device. You want to elevate your team to their peak performance while still cutting costs? Cost saving solutions with a proven ROI are available. Start your savings today.

Litigation Support Management (eDiscovery)

doeDISCOVERY-logodoeDISCOVERY™ is the fully-integrated, complete litigation support and eDiscovery management package. Full reporting from start to finish is now possible using Legal Project Management at its core. Focusing on your demand for lower costs with greater control, we deliver a court-defensible process throughout your entire EDRM lifecycle. The doeDISCOVERY service suite ensures your corporate legal departments and your law firms have the ability to manage the entire litigation support process from Early Data Assessment (EDA) completely through to Production.

Driven to minimize your risk exposure while reducing litigation costs, doeDISCOVERY™ excels... and our process is truly court-defensible from container to court. Let us show you what a proven process can deliver.

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