chain of custodyA key aspect of eDiscovery is the fact that the term “electronic records” covers everything that is stored on hard drives, servers, cell phones and any form of electronic storage. Here is where establishing the Legal Hold is important. Following a planned set of action steps when litigation hits is crucial to retaining each document. Maintaining a constant Chain of Custody involving all data that may be pertinent to the matter avoids the risk of costly court-imposed sanctions later.

For the lawyers, this means the information has to be parsed and an expert in computer forensics called in to analyze the data on the media. Collection practices then come into play whether you attempt to do this in-house or hire a third-party provider to handle the collection. Spoliation concerns can be avoided by having a court-recognized third party do this step. doeLEGAL has been successfully involved in providing these collection services to numerous clients facing litigation. To avoid accusations of evidence tampering, the media must be tracked and recorded every time it moves from office to office.

doeLEGAL’s comprehensive eDiscovery services, assembled as doeDISCOVERY™, eliminates this risk and possible sanctions by handling the EDRM process from Collection through Production at one location with one expert team dedicated to the entire process. Your data never changes hands, creating a court defensible and unbreakable chain of custody.

eDiscovery is a multi-faceted discipline that requires expert know-how in extracting data from various sources, processing it correctly, and efficiently directing it through review to production. The best results start with using a professional forensics collection provider that gets the necessary data with minimal impact on the storage itself. doeLEGAL remains on the cutting edge of eDiscovery’s forensic collection practices ensuring the litigation data is always court defensible.

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