doeLEGAL Inc. announces ASCENT® – their Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) SaaS solution for enterprise-class Spend, Matter, and Legal Hold Management will upgrade to Version 8 for all global legal clients and vendors. This upgrade answers the industry demand for a more integrated, insightful, and user-friendly ELM legal department platform. Already beta tested with key clients, ASCENT® version 8.0 will be deployed globally on April 2, 2018, to optimize legal ops and lower costs.

An entirely new and fresh user interface (UI) is designed using a proactive focus on clients’ legal team needs. Their success places doeLEGAL in a leadership position to answer the demands of evolving legal departments. Giving clients more configuration control to adapt the software, adding new reports and query tools, and enhancing matter dashboards allows ASCENT® to more organically fit how teams work without limitations. The version 8.0 upgrade allows teams to ask deeper questions and get more immediate answers through self-managed reporting or guided by doeLEGAL ELM experts. By using smart data to inform their legal teams, ASCENT® optimizes legal ops to make more confident decisions.

ASCENT® v8 organically adapts and evolves with enterprise clients’ changing business requirements. Delivering analytical and predictive views of legal operations is fully supported by their knowledgeable experts. Initial user feedback shows a marked increase in their legal departments’ adaptability, simplification, innovation, and transparency.

“The new features and user experience enable our legal teams to better optimize workflow and department efficiency. We’re also able to collaborate better with our other business units. The upgraded analytics and report-building capabilities give me the insights I need to evaluate matters quickly. ASCENT® v8 raises the bar for all ELM solutions on the market,” GC of Fortune 100 global company.

”ASCENT® v8 delivers a significant advancement in the look & feel, efficiency, and usability of the user interface. Many other enhancements and new features ensure ASCENT® v8 will pave the way for continuing enhancements to support our clients in effectively managing matters and costs,” said Kathy Ryan, director of software development.

“ASCENT® v8 is a game-changer for ELM solutions on the market, bringing together the best of software development and client service. The innovative features and new user-interface delivers a fresh look and feel that makes your daily task load easier at every level of the department. ASCENT® is revolutionizing the way ELM platforms are built from the outside-in by improving efficiency & savings,” said Tom Russo, president and CEO of doeLEGAL.

“Smart data, intelligently delivered” is the concept that optimizes legal operations every day by improving efficiency & savings through advanced technology.