thanksgiving-act-of-kindnessThis time of year is special as we all count our blessings and find the things we are most thankful for. Thanksgiving is also a time for giving back as an act of kindness and helping others find something, sometimes unexpected, to be happy for. doeLEGAL has set up an Act of Kindness campaign to help those in need.

By setting up donations, our employees sought to change a local family’s day. Through the generous giving by our employees and the company’s matching donations, we were able to provide gift cards to their local supermarket and another gift card to help repair their much-needed vehicle. Family time together over a great meal and not having to worry so much seemed like the right way to help. This act of kindness will change their life for the better today!

We delivered these gift cards to a very kind and grateful church pastor for them to deliver to the family. Their pastor was a big help in guiding us through the process. Any act of kindness can make a day a good day for a family in need. We encourage all businesses to seek out a local family in need and present their own act of kindness – it makes a bigger difference than you know. We share the challenge to do good with everyone.

This Thanksgiving we should all be happy and thankful for the blessings we have. Have a great holiday!