doeLEGAL is proud to announce that we have earned Ipro’s Platinum Automated Digital Discovery (ADD) Partnership status. Being one of only five Platinum ADD Partnership providers in North America, this marks a firm milestone in our relationship with Ipro. After testing and certification, our salespeople and eDiscovery team leaders have shown a true commitment to staying on the cutting edge of the Ipro tools. doeLEGAL is dedicated to our customers around the globe and ensures that use our Litigation and eDiscovery services offer the greatest value when managing their matters.

Ipro delivers the industry-recognized, powerful eDiscovery tools that help clients manage their complex matters of any size. Their complete suite of advanced software solutions helps to streamline the discovery process.

Ipro Announces Platinum ADD Partnership with doeLEGAL

TEMPE, Arizona – Ipro Tech, LLC, a worldwide leader in eDiscovery solutions, announced today its Platinum ADD Partnership with doeLEGAL, a Delaware-based company that was established 46 years ago and has been serving the litigation and eDiscovery community for 19 years. Ipro and doeLEGAL have enjoyed 12 years of business together, and both companies see this partnership as a positive next step. President and CEO Tom Russo explained, “Our goal for this new partnership is to develop a strong working relationship with Ipro to ensure we build the best tools for our clients’ needs. By working collaboratively with Ipro, we can stay ahead of the rapid changes that affect our industry. We see our eDiscovery technology providers as trusted partners who help us stay on the cutting edge of advanced legal technology.”When asked about their decision to use Ipro products, Russo stated, “Offering the industry’s best tools to our global client base is part of our continuing commitment to provide superior value at every stage of the EDRM lifecycle. Ipro is a recognized leader in providing users with the powerful tools they need to accurately and effectively manage their eDiscovery. Our business models of putting clients’ success first make our companies a great fit.”The Ipro Partner Program is designed to help companies offer the products and solutions that customers want, gain differentiation in provided services, build credibility in the industry, and grow the business. Kim Taylor, CEO/President of Ipro Tech, claimed, “doeLEGAL is a trusted partner who we have enjoyed working with over the years. They are committed to offering the very best to their clients, and we look forward to many more years of our combined service in the eDiscovery industry.”In addition to being a Platinum ADD Partner, doeLEGAL leverages a full team of certified Ipro software experts to assist their customers in the eDiscovery process.
Among doeLEGAL’s employees are three ADD Sales Experts, one eCapture Administrator, two ADD Administrators, one ADD Trainer, two Eclipse Administrators, and an Eclipse Sales Expert. This is part of doeLEGAL’s ongoing commitment to training its experts to help clients get the most out of their work.For more information about becoming an Ipro Partner, email or visit the Partner Program page.

ABOUT Ipro Tech, LLC

Founded in 1989, Ipro is a global leader in the development of advanced software solutions used by legal professionals to streamline the discovery process. Ipro’s worldwide network of corporations, law firms, government agencies, and legal service providers rely on Ipro’s Enterprise platform to organize, review, process, and produce litigation data of vast sizes and complexity levels more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before. For more information on Ipro, visit


Based in Delaware, doeLEGAL provides leading-edge collaborative legal innovations to legal departments and law firms for both eDiscovery & Enterprise Legal Management. Dedicated to earning clients’ business every day, they focus on client satisfaction, efficiency, and cost control.  Their corporate culture is shaped by a 5-Tenet Service Model including the predictable cost of ownership of distinctly superior technology & software. doeLEGAL’s eDiscovery and Data Hosting services handle litigations of any size and complexity while ensuring full security, control, and data management. For more information on doeLEGAL, visit