Getting data collection right from the start

The digital data collection and forensic examination are vital parts of the whole EDRM process. With so many risks associated with self-collection, there is a great need for services that you from that exposure. Trust your forensic data collection to our proven expert team using the most forensically sound tools and processes for imaging and analyzing electronically-stored information (ESI) doeLEGAL’s data collection team can acquire the electronic data while maintaining data integrity, preservation of metadata, and establishment of a strict chain of custody. It is vital to eliminate the risks and keep your team focused on their primary responsibilities.

doeLEGAL EDRM Process flow

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Secure data collection is handled onsite or remotely with minimal disruption to your business. Regardless of the number of custodians or data volume, our data collection team respects your business while completing this critical process.

Working with your internal team helps ensure an unbroken chain of custody for your data. We fully respect and protect your privacy and business IP.

Data collection

Court-proven, expertly-handled data collection process

Superior eDiscovery data collection technology backed by our experts in client-focused support at a predictable cost.
Data collection encompasses:
  • Computers & Laptops
  • Mobile Phones
  • Targeted Networks
  • Email & Webmail
  • Windows Registry
  • Social Media