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Hosted Document Review

Online tools lower review time – saving up to 50%

Historical data shows that document review accounts for up to 70% of the total cost of litigations regardless of the complexity. Leveraging advanced technology in a cloud-based platform gives your legal team access to a hosted document review platform that includes TAR capabilities to work efficiently and effectively regardless of where they are physically located. doeLEGAL provides unlimited access to IPRO ADD Review – which includes visual search, ECA, analytics, etc. that can quickly identify relevant documents, reduce the review burden, and shorten review times.

hosted-document-reviewAccessible 24/7

    • Cloud-based SaaS platform
    • On-premises expert administration
    •  Web-enabled device access 24/7

onsite-hosted-reviewHosted, secure review

    • Secured in Tier-3 Data center
    • SOC2 Type II and SSAE 16, Type II
    • Reported 99.5% up-time

advanced-analyticsAdvanced analytics

onsite-expertsData management

  • Experienced team offers best practices
  • Reduced review volume to save money
  • EDRM process experts available

technology-assisted-reviewAdvanced review software

    • Best-in-class technology platforms
    • Software-agnostic methodology
    • Includes updates & upgrades

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doeDISCOVERY™ capabilities

DownloaddoeDISCOVERY capabilities the doeDISCOVERY™ capabilities sheet to learn more about the unique benefits law firms find by working with the industry’s leading-edge technology supported by knowledgeable litigation experts.

Project Planning

Litigation-Project-PlanningExperts guide your team, following best practices throughout the litigation. Our experienced team establishes seamless processing and management of your case to allow your attorney to practice law.

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Early Case Assessment

early-case-assessmenteDiscovery early case assessment allows teams to search for information and evaluate their case strength. Advanced search tools decrease the time required to find the responsive documents.

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Data Collection

data-collectioneDiscovery collection experts use forensically-sound remote and on-premises tools to manage custodians‘ ESI. All data is stored on doeLEGAL servers to ensure an unbroken chain of custody.

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Hosted Review

Document-reviewAdvanced hosted technology provides 24/7 access for attorneys to securely review litigation data volumes efficiently and effectively regardless of location.

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Litigation Production

Litigation-productionProduction quality control handled by experts to ensure resulting data follows production protocols and the responsive data is recorded to contracted media and format.

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EDD Processing

EDD-ProcessingESI experts use best-of-breed processing tools to limit data volumes. Reducing your review burden while ensuring the speed and quality of your  data helps control litigation costs.

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The real challenge was the particularly large volume of data and the tight time deadline. However, once we were given the final search terms, the total time from initial ingestion to first production was less than five weeks, thanks to the significant de-duping and culling rate we were able to achieve with IPRO Eclipse.

John Hagan, Manager, EED Services at

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