A structured client-focused approach based on client success improves how we go to market

Using the ValueSelling Framework® to add more value to our approach to the market enabled more precision in value-based messaging. doeLEGAL began implementing higher-performing inbound campaigns based on the framework of seeking to solve the challenges only after completely understanding the top-most business’s issue(s) faced. This drives more substantive conversation based on the overall business, not one department’s needs and solutions. Client-focused success is the driving force behind all effort.

This client-focused approach allows clients to better see how advanced technology can help to overcome challenges, work efficiently, and meet more business goals. With ValueSelling, Sales and Marketing have combined their expertise as a cohesive group to win against the competition and unseat incumbents.


  • 3x increase in RFP wins
  • 300% increase in demo requests
  • 100% increase in website engagement via campaign email calls to action (CTAs)

Click here to read the entire story and see how transforming our marketing and sales approach to the market has elevated our value to legal professionals in law departments and law firms. The strategic change in business perspective came about after working with Value Selling Associates. Their framework focuses on the value delivered to clients, not our products and services. Our success revolves around the added value our clients receive using ASCENT® and doeDISCOVERY™. These changes are creating an environment where prospects find answers that meet their needs.

If you want to see how the success of your legal colleagues can guide your own success story, click here to read about their unique journeys.