doeLEGAL, your “Swiss army knife” for successful litigation support services

Project planning is crucial to the success of any legal matter and the foundation of any legal action is the process. Developed with real-world experience, our court-proven process is one of the most respected in the industry. With over 45 years of serving the legal community on high profile cases, doeLEGAL has built a reputation for being a trusted partner and this continually drives us to improve our project management services.

doeLEGAL EDRM Process flow

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“Plan your work, then work your plan”

Using established plan templates and customization is the key to successful outcomes. Our services are designed specifically to maximize your litigation efficiency. Building this strong foundation for your litigation comes from proper planning, communication, and reporting on all the stages of your case. We are here to support that effort throughout the entire litigation lifecycle… that means from “file to trial.”

What does enterprise-class litigation project management involve?

  • Type of case
  • Parties involved
  • Resources needed
  • Tracking of all deadlines
  • Management of resources
  • Task milestones
  • Estimates based on case/matter needs
  • Costs associated with time frames
  • Resource procurement expenses
litigation project planning

Advanced managed litigation support leads to success

Superior process management backed by our expert, client-focused support leads to successful communication, collaboration, and control:
  • Full-service project planners dedicated to your matter and its success
  • Enhanced capabilities allow your litigation project plan to be constantly accessed and evaluated
  • Meet and exceed all industry best-practices for litigation standards and regulations
  • In-depth reporting on all metrics for greater control of the process