ipro eclipse logoInnovation is a quality required to stay ahead of the technology curve. IPRO continues to offers a wide variety of tools that use cutting-edge technology for the legal industry. The Ipro Eclipse tool provides tools to handle the rigorous document review and Big Data issues that seem to make eDiscovery a 24/7 job. The overlaying mission of Ipro Innovations 2014’s Conference was to broaden the reach of their powerful technology to both law firms and legal service vendors, such as doeLEGAL.

Ipro Eclipse delivers Early Case Assessment (ECA) and complex analytics using leading statistical algorithms based on vast experience in the market. They put together a truly comprehensive suite of advanced tools that will fit the needs of complex discovery requests of any scope for years to come.

Ipro’s Eclipse Benefits:
1. User Friendly: End user is provided with advanced functionality.
2. Rapid Results: Administrators are not left concatenating databases for weeks.
3. Scalable Power: Eclipse is one of the most powerful review platforms available. A beneficial choice for firms seeking a robust, yet affordable, option.

Ipro Eclipse demonstrations gave us a first-hand look at how the actual software performs, both visually and interactively. We see their latest version of Eclipse being the right solution for law firms, as well as finding its place with service providers as the leading hosted platform for document review.

Ipro also demonstrated their advanced analytics, which included email threading, near-duplicate detection, concept searching, clustering and categories using Content Analyst. This is all included in their standard pricing model eliminating any “nickel & dime” charges. Collaborating with Content Analyst, Ipro is able to deliver an easy-to-use interface that enhances the entire review process and sets Eclipse as a leader in analytics platforms available today.

The message is clear from Ipro- they have the advanced review products with the right set of tools to make document review a far more efficient process.