Due to the fact that document review accounts for up to 70% of the total cost of litigation, choosing the right hosted document review provider is of paramount importance. The tools they offer should provide your team the best chance to significantly reduce to the time required to complete the review.

doeLEGAL uses software and procedures of the highest caliber recognized by the industry. We place the collected and processed documents in a secure, hosted review position where they can be accessed securely at anytime from anywhere.

doeLEGAL EDRM Process flow

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Benefits of using doeLEGAL’s collaborative, hosted review:

  • Hosted in a secure position accessible from anywhere in the world, 24/7
  • Browser and operating system agnostic
  • Servers are part of our onsite SOC2 Type II and SSAE 16 Type II verified, Tier-3 Data Center
  • Data maintained and managed by a dedicated expert team
  • Most advanced, best-of-breed document review platforms
  • Integrated advanced analytics and technology assisted review (TAR)

… And we ensure expert quality control is part of every project.

document review

By using our software technologies, our clients have effectively reduced their costs while experiencing an increase in both speed and accuracy during document review. We earn their trust by eliminating guesswork and reducing stress. With review being your highest eDiscovery expense, the accuracy that we provide will equal savings in both time and money for you and your team.

Efficient, secure document review process

The result of using our superior technology handled by dedicated litigation experts is an increased focus on workflow and quality output. When you need answers, you need a responsive service provider that puts you first. doeLEGAL will ensure that all of your requests are met promptly by knowledgeable support individuals that know your litigation process. The bottom line is you get your answers when you need them so your review runs smoothly from start to finish.