In order to meet today’s large data storage requirements, it is necessary to leverage an advanced technology solution that encompasses ECA strategic analysis, culling, and document processing. This approach will significantly reduce the amount of data for a minimal review burden.  You should review only potentially responsive files to alleviate high costs and wasted time.

doeLEGAL EDRM Process flow

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Our responsive litigation support services allow you to make those critical decisions during the Early Case Assessment (ECA) and processing stage. We ensure that you will remain flexible, scalable, and capable throughout the entire eDiscovery process.



Having the right ECA/EDA tools at your fingertips… anywhere and at any time, ensures your team has the capabilities that complex litigations require in order to determine your key case strategy, optimize your search terms, and lessen your review burden.



  • Quickly identify peaks & valleys in date range
  • Zoom in on certain areas to view data
  • Use Data Entry Form to target specific timeframes
  • Identify gaps in data collection
  • Target the most active data time periods

Tallying Fields

  • Easily view which values your data contains
  • Quickly determine common email subjects
  • View which domains had the most communication
  • Tally new domain field to locate all law firms involved


  • Case Summary Report shows counts for file types and extensions
  • Exclusion Report shows all items filtered out and excluded from review

Visual Search

  • See the results of your search graphically
  • Identify emails sent to and from specific domains – exclude irrelevant or privileged domains
  • identify communications between specific email addresses

Clustering & Concept Wheel

  • View key concepts within data
  • Quick searches on data with ability to deep-dive to granular level
  • Exclude data based on general concept (may run concept searches on potentially excluded data for QC)

Reliable ECA completed early in the process aids document culling and EDD processing.

With the help of our field experts, you will increase the quality of your output while reducing your costs. Our superior ECA technology and proven software are capable of handling duplicate, near duplicate, and advanced analytics and gives your team the confidence to focus on the business of law, instead of data processing.

  • data processingAll-inclusive pricing including extracted metadata and text, load file creation, OCR, and images
  • Quick turn-around for time-sensitive data, with the processing of terabytes at a time
  • Thorough quality control for every culling and processing project

Featuring the Advanced Tools from:

Superior document ECA and EDD processing tools

A customizable solution designed by our expert support professionals lets you know
upfront how much potentially relevant data you have.
Your team can now have the relevant information they require:
  • Early Case & Data Assessment
  • Determine Scope
  • Negotiate eDiscovery Parameters
  • Better, Faster Decisions
  • Proactive Analysis
  • Determine Review Burden