Predictable cost of ownership is essential.

The technology you employ to manage your enterprise legal management and eDiscovery services should never come with added fees or unexplained expenses. With our predictable cost of ownership (PCO) there simply are no surprises.

doeLEGAL provides a flat-fee structure for the highest and fastest ROI available. Our upfront pricing and all-inclusive support model ensure that you won’t have to explain any surprise costs associated with our technology to manage your legal department or law firm operations.

We deliver unmatched cost predictability. Our commitment to you is never based on charging more, only delivering more to you every day! When you work with doeLEGAL, you can expect:

  • Maximum ROI
  • Upfront and transparent pricing
  • All-Inclusive features, training, and support
  • Flexible contract terms
Working with doeLEGAL is a win-win! You get the best technology at a predictable cost for strategic planning and ROI projections.

See how it works for yourself!
Watch our video on predictable cost of ownership:

“We are the only legal service provider that can say we offer predictable and inclusive pricing with a rapid return on investment (ROI). No one else promises a flat fee that will NOT increase. Ask around. We are upfront and never tack on added fees to our work.”

Bruce Kuennen,
Director of Sales