Configurable Software for Your Unique
Legal World

Advanced, configurable legal technology and software that works within your process to manage your unique world is the key to having all of your vital information fully accessible. Through deep analysis of your business processes, our team of dedicated experts will work with you to develop a highly customized, collaborative workflow environment for both you and your outside vendors.

Making the right decisions often relies on having the best data at hand. We promise to deliver the most meaningful data to you every day, so that when critical decisions need to be made, you have the actionable insight you need at your fingertips.

When the tools you rely on are uniquely configured to deliver exactly what you need to make your work better, you can accomplish more in less time.

See how it works for yourself! Watch our video:

“We surpass the competition by employing extreme software customization and configuration. No other company can respond and adapt to your evolving requirements as quickly. We configure to your work process, rather than you adapting to ours.”

Richard Casper,
Manager, ASCENT™ Development