Enterprise Legal Management

ASCENT® v8 Enterprise Legal Management improves corporate legal department performance
by as much as 65%


ASCENT® v8 solves the need for legal teams to change the way they work because their ELM (eBilling and matter management) software can’t adapt to their work processes. The fresh user interface allows you to easily customize what you see and how you see it to save time and effort. Smart data, intelligently delivered means rethinking how your data is used and what you can get out of it to boost legal performance by up to 65%.

SmartView™ analytic dashboards allow teams to see a complete view of the entire business on one, configurable screen. generate deeper business insights using graphical visualizations to make instant, data-based decisions.

SmartLink™ Outlook integration allows your teams to operate in a more efficient, unified work environment. You stay in Outlook to handle tasks without switching back and forth between systems.

AFA Wizard™ gives legal teams full control over their value-based fee arrangements. Easily create AFAs and manage vendor invoices and rates to ensure your billing scenarios make the most sense for your business operations.


Added capabilities such as enhanced Query & Report Builders and SmartView™ analytic dashboards allow legal departments to better predict and control cases and costs to help inform decision making and drive successful outcomes.



Understanding that many attorneys “live” in Outlook, the new SmartLink™ Outlook integration will enhance the way attorneys interact with ASCENT™ by allowing them to handle their daily tasks within Outlook without loss of ASCENT’s feature-rich functionality or security.


Today’s alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) should be limited only by your creativity, not your ELM software.  AFA Wizard™ provides you with the full capability to easily create and manage “value-based billing” scenarios from within ASCENT®. Clients have control to establish or change fee arrangements without submitting a request with client support.


An Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) system functions best when it has the configuration capability to offer your legal team the unique information they need when they need it. It all comes from the foundational concept of “Smart data, intelligently delivered.” This ensures your teams are more informed by ASCENT’s SmartView™ data analytics dashboards which provide the specific business insights you need to make better data-driven decisions. Legal departments continually seek measurable cost-saving strategies and productivity improvements that ASCENT® delivers and more!

Client success is built on results:

ASCENT® optimizes legal operations

Results prove the value of any given technology solution. Success is measured in many ways – meeting departmental goals, improving efficiency, lowering costs, finding immediate answers, etc. doeLEGAL’s solutions have proven their unmatched value to legal operations’ by focusing on improving the business of law with many of the world’s largest market leaders. Their stories demonstrate how they leverage ASCENT® to rethink their business data, boost legal performance by up to 65%, and significantly lower legal spend.

Software Configuration


Featured Client Success Story – Global Healthcare Leader

In 2015, the law department initiated a Global Transformation Project spearheaded by the Director of Legal Operations to create and enhance Law Department operational effectiveness and efficiency. As part of this program, the company recognized a need for an advanced enterprise legal management software, supported by experts, to provide a foundation for effectively managing their diverse law department operations.

To create and enhance law department operational effectiveness and efficiency, the company selected doeLEGAL’s ASCENT® enterprise legal management software and support services.



Software Configuration

Aisin-SuccessFeatured Client Success Story – Aisin Holdings of America, Global Automotive Manufacturer

To transform a small legal department into a world-class legal team, Aisin’s new VP & GC, Dante Benedettini, brought together the right staff and technology to meet their goals. The company selected doeLEGAL’s ASCENT® enterprise legal management software to aid their transformation.

There’s no lack of agility within ASCENT®. The system offers capabilities that allow for their continued transformation and growth. You can read the full story on his blog 

What others are saying about ASCENT® and “Smart data, intelligently delivered”

“The new dashboards in ASCENT® v8 let us analyze every data element that the system collects and provide a real-time view of our matters and spend. We can now make more informed decisions and take action more quickly, ultimately improving our value and productivity.”

     – Associate General Counsel, Fortune 100 manufacturing corporation, ASCENT® user


“With ASCENT®, our data is secure, available and actionable, and evolves with us to decrease costs and improve performance.”
     – Chief Legal Operations Officer, Fortune 100 pharmaceutical corporation, ASCENT® user


“With ASCENT® automating a lot of our internal processes, our paralegals’ workload has been reduced by 50% allowing us to be redeployed on higher value activities.”
     -Senior Paralegal, Fortune 100 broadcast company, ASCENT® user



How ASCENT® delivers on its promise:

Ensure your software experience makes sense to you

With fresh, modern ways to interact with the software, you can solve the problem of having to change the way you work because your software can’t change.  The completely redesigned user interface lets you navigate more simply, customize what you see and how you see it, enabling you to work smarter, not harder.

ASCENT® v8 helps teams overcome problems such as:

“I spend too much time collecting information needed to accomplish my daily tasks.”
“I can’t work efficiently when the screen is set up like this.”

Work your way

complicated questions

Ask complicated questions more easily

You have questions. About everything the system captures. And you want up-to-the-minute results. The new Query Builder simplifies how you ask these questions and lets you target every piece of information the system captures. New features like dynamic filters and user-created calculated fields let you customize your results.

ASCENT® v8 solves data analysis problems such as:

“When I have questions, it’s difficult to figure out how to get answers from the system.”
“I don’t ask questions because the process to get the answers is too time-consuming.”

Get answers instantly

You thought of something that you need the answer to. No more waiting for someone else to pull a report for you, the new Report Builder lets you easily create reports by using drag and drop fields. Reports can be scheduled and automatically distributed or made instantly available to everyone using the new SmartView™ dashboard. You can also output to Excel with a simple mouse click for further formatting and mixing with other data.  Combining this with the new Search Page enhancements makes your information even more useful.

ASCENT® v8 eliminates reporting problems such as:

“Asking my software vendor to write custom reports is expensive and time-consuming.”
“When I need a report I need to be self-sufficient because I don’t have time to wait for help.”

anytime anywhere answers

complete business view

See a complete view of your business in one place

Viewing your most critical information in one place, in a way that makes sense to you, isn’t always easy. You may be spending hours poring over lengthy reports simply to find the information you need. The new SmartView™ dashboard provides graphical views of key information so you can see all your legal data at a glance. You can compare matter, spend and law firm data in the same view to make truly informed decisions.

ASCENT® v8 SmartView™ dashboard solves problems such as:

“I need a complete and consistent view of my business drivers regardless of its origin.”
“The information I need is in different places making my decision-making more difficult.”

Create new fee arrangements to predict and control costs

Today’s fee arrangements should not be limited by your software — only by your creativity. You deserve the flexibility to implement what makes the most sense for your business. The AFA Wizard™ offers you comprehensive control over your Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFAs). The robust capabilities allow teams to create and manage new “value-based billing” scenarios while transparently collaborating with outside counsel. You are now in control of vendor billing and fees.”

ASCENT® v8 solves AFA management problems such as:

“We would use AFAs if they were easier to manage and analyze.”
“We can’t get the best outside counsel rates because our system forces us into hourly rates.”

afas control costs

V8 upgrade

Upgrade to version 8.0 easily and transparently

Your time is valuable, as is not having to worry about interruptions to work while you upgrade to a new software release. You get all the rich features and benefits this upgrade adds to your ASCENT® Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) platform at no cost. There is also no downtime to contend with or any data conversions to worry about.  Upgrading to ASCENT® v8 is an effortless way to bring the power of the most innovative and efficient ELM platform to your team.

ASCENT® v8 easily removes the competition’s upgrade problems such as:

“Upgrades take too much time and my team needs to remain productive to stay on schedule.”
“We’ve been surprised by added fees for data conversions when upgrading to new versions.”

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