In many cases, corporate attorneys face defending actions during their legal hold processes. These include when it was initiated, what they put on hold, what they communicated with relevant custodians, and when or how they monitored each custodian’s compliance. ASCENT® includes a powerful Legal Hold Module to eliminate the stress and avoid the human error that can be associated with litigation. ASCENT® creates a fully-defensible, cost-effective, and highly-efficient legal hold and data preservation practice.

ASCENT® guides you through these steps as a road map to success:

  1. Know the FRCP rules regarding a defensible legal hold.
  2. Audit your data preservation policies and modify them to close any gaps to adhere to best practices.
  3. Leverage online technology to remove human error and manage the entire legal hold with one tool.
  4. Drive company-wide adoption and use of the tools to eliminate error and improve support.