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When you consolidate providers for eDiscovery and translations you lower overall expenses, simplify project management, and eliminate unnecessary mistakes.

What will you learn:

Global organizations can employ dozens or even hundreds of law firms to meet their evolving legal needs. This wide breadth of legal partners can lead to large amounts of money to be spent on legal services for cross-border eDiscovery and multilingual translations.

With eDiscovery services and translations spread out, it gets very confusing to manage multiple vendors and invoices.  Understanding data security policies, guaranteeing consistent terminology or accuracy in translations, and ensuring reliable and efficient support across vendors, get even more complex when considering varying quality standards. It becomes increasingly difficult for any Legal team to manage these risks and comprehensively ensure the accuracy of eDiscovery Productions.

Learn how consolidating tasks with one vendor saves time and money. One provider delivers the answers to managing complex multilanguage projects to reduce costs, improve transparency, increase accuracy, reduce data security concerns, and improve efficiency. The global nature of business creates unique challenges with eDiscovery involving complex multilanguage documents. We’ll show you how to easily navigate it.

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Webinar Speaker Panel:
Dylan Blaney
Vice President of Business Development, Morningside, a Questel Company

Brooke Oppenheimer
Counsel, eDiscovery, Cyber & Data Protection, Axinn, Veltrop & Harkrider
Andrew Turko
eDiscovery Business Development, doeLEGAL, a Questel Company

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