Our included reports fit most legal operations’ needs, but unique company needs happen every day. Have you ever thought of a question you want to ask, but not sure how to get the answer you need? No more waiting for someone’s help to create and pull a report for you. The new Report Builder™ lets you easily create your own reports by using drag and drop fields to get immediate answers. Reports can be scheduled and automatically distributed or made instantly available to everyone using the new SmartView™ dashboard. If you do need help, our experts are ready to step in and get it done.

You can also output to Excel® with a simple mouse-click for further formatting and mixing with other data. Combining this with the new Search Page enhancements makes your information even more useful.

Also, our new Query Builder™ lets you target every piece of information the system captures. New features like dynamic filters and user-created calculated fields let you customize your results.