Why do we use mountains?

Always looking ahead with an elevated perspective

doeLEGAL’s story began in 1971, when it involved always looking at what was changing and reaching for it ahead of the curve. As history shows, the benefits come to those that blaze a trail for others to follow. Over our 48 years, we have made many evolutionary steps that drove the legal service industry ahead. Through proactively meeting clients’ needs, each step forward was grounded in the mission of helping the legal industry advance. As a private company all these years, doeLEGAL has been able to completely control our own destiny and deliver services and expertise through great technology aimed at helping legal teams be more efficient and save them money while reaching their business goals. Client success gives our business meaning and helping all legal professionals benefit from having the information they need to make data-driven decision is our goal.  This gives more information about why we use mountains.

Mountains reflect our vision: “Delivering business insights from an elevated perspective

What better visuals display this concept than the magnificent vistas you see from the mountain tops?

why-do-we-use-mountainsThe air is cleaner, the lights are brighter, and you get that much closer to seeing the world from a better perspective. When you read about a “10,000 foot view,” what do you believe they mean? We believe they mean getting above the daily noise and seeing what the big picture tells you about your business. When you to take advantage of that reflective look from an elevated perspective and see your business information for what it can tell you, you rise above the static to see the business from a new altitude. This helps clients make better, and more informed decisions.

doeLEGAL helps every client take control of their legal world through innovative technology, exceptional engagement, and provide an elevated perspective of their entire business. The ASCENT™ and doeDISCOVERY™ software and services deliver smart data, intelligently delivered to give you more insights into your business when and where they make the most impact.

“ASCENT is the innovative solution that helps our legal team make confident decisions using real-time insights delivered just as we want them.  Smart data helps us meet and exceed our goals.”

-AGC,  Fortune 500 business, ASCENT user

What does this mean to you?

Elevated Perspective


In today’s competitive environment, you need a partner who can help you navigate around obstacles to reach successful outcomes. As a pioneer in the business of data-driven legal technology, we’ve helped corporate legal teams overcome virtually every conceivable challenge. Which means that whatever problem you’re facing, the likelihood is we’ve seen it and dealt with it before.

The unique combination of over four decades of innovating legal solutions and a deep knowledge of legal operations makes us uniquely qualified to provide you a broader view, so you can provide your business partners an elevated perspective.

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