How Predictable Cost benefits your business:

  • PCO provides the only flat fees structure
  • Never requires you to explain additional fees
  • Upfront cost provides easy forecasting
  • Includes all features, training, and support
  • Highest and fastest ROI available.
  • Upfront & transparent all-in pricing
  • No long-term contracts

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Predictable cost of ownership

predictable costWith a predictable cost of ownership (PCO), you know what you will pay and exactly what we’ll deliver.
No questions, no stress, no surprise bills.


Knowing what you will pay for legal services from day one with no asterisks hiding extra bills or charges can mean a world of difference in managing a budget. This is known as your predictable cost of ownership (PCO).
With the costs set up-front, you know what you will pay and exactly what’s promised from day one. No questions, no stress, no surprises.

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