According to industry standards, Quality Control is vital to ensure the correct data is produced to opposing counsel for their review. This can be accomplished by dedicated experts who can provide guidance for the best practices during litigation production, ensuring that what is delivered is exactly what should be produced.

doeLEGAL has the expertise to assist in the development of the production protocol. Once established and agreed upon by all parties, our experts then follow the protocol and perform necessary Quality Control (QC) steps to ensure accurate productions as directed. Regardless if you produce to hard media (hard drive, CD-ROM, DVD, or USB) or choose Cloud Storage, doeLEGAL has the experience to handle the most complex requirements.

doeLEGAL EDRM Process flow

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The production protocol typically encompasses, but is not limited to the following areas:

  • Document formats: Native Files, Images, PDF, etc.
  • Searchable text, as directed
  • Metadata, as directed
  • Document ID numbering and redactions
  • Industry standard load files
  • Protocol-determined document production: CD, DVD, Hard drive, FTP, etc.
litigation production

Secure litigation production

Our process makes the most accurate and timely litigation production with the following benefits:
  • Ensures documents are pulled from a delivered query
  • Load file are created with correct images, native files, and text files
  • Every document production undergoes thorough QC
  • Production is sent out via approved transmission method