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eDiscovery Early Case Assessment – ECA

Find What’s Hiding: Visual Search and Early Case Assessment

The Ascent eDiscovery environment includes a powerful document review solution that combines a unique “Visual Search” and powerful Early Case Assessment (ECA) functionality that makes it extremely easy for you to leverage advanced analytics. Business Translation may be applied to the entire collection set prior to any processing to ensure you find all responsive data.

This ECA tool allows you and your team to:

  • Combine concepts, timelines, and documents using similarity matching
  • Gain deeper insight into related data and communication patterns
  • More accurately determine dataset strengths and weaknesses 

Ascent eDiscovery significantly lessens your review burden which reduces your litigation cost. Use advanced data processing tools, so your time can be spent building a stronger case.


    • ID data range peaks & valleys
    • Inspect to view relevant data
    • Data entry targets time frames
    • View gaps in data collection
    • Target most active time periods

Tallying Fields

    • View values data contains
    • Read common email subjects
    • ID domains with most communication
    • Report on all law firms involved

Visual Search

    • View search results graphically
    • ID emails sent to & from domains
    • Exclude irrelevant or privileged domains
    • See emails between addresses


    • Full reports show data visualization
    • Summary reports of types & extensions
    • Exclusion reports ID filtered & excluded docs

Concept-WheelClustering & Concept Wheel

    • View key concepts within case data
    • Searches data at granular level
    • Exclude data based on concepts
    • Concept searches on excluded data
    • Run searches for quality control

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Ascent eDiscovery Capabilities

DownloadAscent eDiscovery capabilities the Ascent eDiscovery capabilities sheet to learn more about the unique benefits law firms find by working with the industry’s leading-edge technology supported by knowledgeable litigation experts.

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Early Case Assessment

 Advanced analytics and search technology ensure minimal review burdens.

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Production Services

Experts use best practices to guide Production and ensure Quality Control.

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The real challenge was the particularly large volume of data and the tight time deadline. However, once we were given the final search terms, the total time from initial ingestion to first production was less than five weeks, thanks to the significant de-duping and culling rate we were able to achieve with IPRO Eclipse.

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