Shed more light on your legal world using
advanced eBilling and Matter Management with ASCENT!


ASCENT™ is designed to help corporate legal departments manage their operations with enhanced workflows and process automation… all at a predictable cost. Going far beyond the features of traditional legal spend – eBilling and matter management tools, ASCENT incorporates collaboration and real-time analytics to deliver the rich data modern legal professionals need to make better and more informed decisions. We designed a robust Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) solution that will augment and demonstrate the greater value of legal departments to other business units, especially as legal departments are continually being asked to do more with less.

Rapid processing of matter data, efficient review, and expedited payments become effortless in ASCENT. Your daily tasks become easier with our focus on the principles of process, collaboration, and automation. Our product blends a comprehensive, user-friendly interface with a suite of reporting and analytics capabilities that makes it the superior ELM solution on the market.

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Enterprise-legal-management -ascent

ASCENT delivers more than just the eBilling and matter management information corporate legal departments require.

  • Shows real-time data for complete visibility
  • Provides repeatable, integrated workflows based on your existing processes and procedures
  • Eliminates billing entry errors before they enter the review queue
  • Facilitates collaboration among all parties – including outside counsel
  • Includes standard and custom reports with real-time analytics
  • Offers full benchmarking and trending tools
  • Integrates budgeting and forecasting for other business units
  • Maintains expert support on-call