“ESI and Social Media Drives Growth of E-Discovery Market”

Legaltech News published a new article providing a good look at how Social Media is affecting e-Discovery.

doeLEGAL was fortunate to be called on to contribute to this article. Answering their interview questions regarding Social Media and its affect on e-Discovery, we were honored to find much of what we provided was used including multiple quotes attributed to doeLEGAL by Biff Waltman, doeLEGAL’s eDiscovery & Litigation Solution Manager, and Scott Miller, doeLEGAL’s Marketing Director.  As a legal technology thought-leader in both eBilling and eDiscovery, we take these opportunities to add value to articles whenever possible. The recognition that comes from it is a true “tip-of-the-hat” from, and to, our legal service provider colleagues clients.

doeLEGAL has been published three times in 1.5 months. This is a huge accomplishment for doeLEGAL and re-enforces our dedication to helping our legal community in many ways. We are honored to have been called upon to answer their questions and to be included in this latest Legaltech News article, well written by Trudy Knockless at ALM.

The article is linked here to ALM’s Legaltech News publication.

ESI and Social Media Drives Growth of E-Discovery Market: Survey

Growing data volumes create challenges for legal and IT departments, creating the need for e-discovery software and services.

Trudy Knockless, Legaltech News

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